Candles & Melts

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Coconut Island Scented Candle
Coconut Island Wax Melt
Guapo Scented Candle
Guapo Wax Melt
Handmade Incense
Lemon Zest Scented Candle
Lemon Zest Wax Melt
Lolas Garden Scented Candle
Lolas Garden Wax Melt
Luxuria  Scented Candle
Luxuria Wax Melt
Mix and Match Candle Gift Set
Spa Day
Spa Day
Spa Day Candle
Spa Day Wax Melt
Spice Cake Scented Candle
Spice Cake Wax Melt
Taste of Morocco Scented Candle
Taste of Morocco Wax Melt
Tropical Passion Bliss Scented Candle
Tropical Passion Bliss Wax Melt
Wax Melt Bundle
Wax Melt Bundle
$30.00 $40.00